Thursday, May 07, 2009


This was a shop selling batteries, calling cards, small electrical items. The USP was the shop-keeper himself.
He is a shop-keeper. Sinewy. Intense eyes. Soft voice. His fingers deft and this shop's USP... he was very good with repairs of watches and electrical gadgets.
She his wife. Petite. Uneasy and averse to his touches. Assists her husband in the shop.Their business hours were peculiar......every afternoon, they would close the shop for 3 hours: lunch, sex and siesta.

One morning , we did not find her in the shop. After tackling the regular busy hours in the morning, he left the shop with a sudden urgency while I, the only customer, was left waiting. He moved to the next-door lane with his cell-phone. I waited for 5-7 minutes , but, his conversation did not seem to end. Irritated, I walked to next-door lane to find him flustered, his body tense and he was entreating his wife ,over and over again, for afternoon sex. He was clearly having an erection .I could guess his wife was steadily refusing to have sex with him.

Postscript :
He left home one early morning with another woman, leaving his wife behind.The community knew the reason.The wife told my wife her story one evening , over a cup of tea, after closure of the shop.
He returned to his wife after 1 year.He looked exhausted , sad and very low. There was no reconciliation. The wife deserted the family.

This is what the wife would have felt, as her husband relieved his urge :

His penis throbbing within me.

His arousal rips me open .
His hands squeezing my breasts.
My juices pain me with shame.
His quiver overflowing too.

His erection aches as it grow.
His chest heavy against mine.
His desire's rhythm fast and slow.
Draws me close, yet distance away.

His lips never meet mine.
His eyes unfocused and far.
His throbbing penis relentless .
His love caress me never.

He moans before falling quiet.
He leaves me unfulfilled yet.
His libido bruises my soul.
Fire around, prisoner in a hole.

It has been always like this like this ...
Sweat and push, burn before release.
Our loveless afternoon sex.